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AD - Mike's Hard Seltzer Variety pack, 5% Alcoholic Sparkling Water, 24 x 330 ml

Brand: Mikes

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Hard Seltzer: Alcoholic Sparkling Water. It's truly that straightforward: Water, Alcohol, Effervescence, and a touch of natural raspberry, lime, and black cherry. Utterly refreshing and exceptionally delightful. Featuring authentic fruit flavours and no artificial sweeteners. Grab a Mike's, stay genuine, and relish. Remember, it's all the enjoyment without any compromises. With a convenient can, it's ideal for any occasion – whether you're relaxing with friends, at home, or at a barbecue, simply grab a can on the move. This assortment pack is ideal for those moments when you simply want to unwind and have some fun.
Additional Information
Flavour: Mixed
ABV: 5%
Can Size: 330ml

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