Frequently asked questions

Huge in the US and Australia, Hard Seltzer is a relatively new drink category to grace the the UK.  Hard Seltzer is essentially fizzy water spiked with alcohol. It’s infused with various fruit flavourings to make it a bit more palatable! Depending on the brand you’re sampling, the fizz could be natural sparkling spring water or a more traditional carbonated seltzer (soda) water. The alcohol found in Hard Seltzer cans can also come from different sources... some brands choose to spike the Seltzer with Vodka whilst others use fruit based wines as their base. We will leave you to decide what’s best!

For sure! One of the best ways to enjoy your Hard Seltzer drinks is by combining them with other great ingredients and making refreshing cocktails. Head over to our cocktail ideas page and follow us on Instagram for regular cocktail ideas and alternative ways of enjoying seltzers responsibly! 

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