Barefoot Hard Seltzers

More commonly known for their bottled wines here in the UK, Barefoot have ventured into the Hard Seltzer category.  Barefoot has only launched two flavours here in the UK - Pineapple & Passionfruit and Strawberry & Guava Hard Seltzers. However, In the USA they have a few others including Cherry & Cranberry, Peach & Nectarine, Blueberry & Lemon, and Watermelon and Lime so fingers crossed they will be making it over to UK shores soon.

The Barefoot Wine Hard Seltzers are all made using white wine, sparkling water and natural fruit flavours. A must-try, particularly the Strawberry which is very flavourful.  Both cans contain only 70 calories, are 4% ABV and come in the 250ml format.

Barefoot has won more than 2,000 awards worldwide for products that are fun and flavourful so expect their Barefoot Hard Seltzers to be no different!


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