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AD - White Claw - Hard Seltzer Mixed Variety Pack

Brand: White Claw

Format: 330ml Multipack, 4.5% ABV

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3, 6, 12 or 24 cans of your favourite White Claw Hard Seltzers! The multipack everyone's been waiting for.

This variety box contains an even mix of all three White Claw Flavours. The bigger your pack the more of each of the following you'll get:

Probably the greatest way to sample what White Claw has to offer. The ideal case of seltzers for a garden or house party or just to enjoy ice cold from the fridge after a long week at work!

White Claw pretty much paved the way for hard seltzer brands across the globe and are recognised as the world's biggest brand of Hard Seltzer so one not to miss!

All 95 calories, gluten-free and ready to ship to homes across the UK.

Additional Information
ABV: 4.5%
Can Size: 330ml
Gluten Free: Yes
Calories Per Can: 95
Alcohol Base: Neutral Grain Spirit

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