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AD - Bodega Bay - Apple, Ginger & Acai Hard Seltzer Multipack

Brand: Bodega Bay

Social Values: At least 1% of all sales support The Thirst Project

Format: 330ml, 4% ABV

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Bodega Bay Apple, Ginger & Acai Hard Seltzer! Apple in a hard seltzer is quite a rarity, not one to be shunned; this Hard Seltzer from Bodega Bay comes in at 96 cals and 4% ABV. A combination of their Crafted Clear Alcohol base, sparkling water and all natural flavours. 

Zero artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners this is your alternative to bloaty beers and sugary cocktails. 

Bodegas other Hard Seltzers include their Cherry, Mango & Goji Berry Hard Seltzer and a Cherry, Mango & Goji Berry flavour. All vegan and totally gluten free!

Additional Information
Flavour: Apple/Ginger
ABV: 4%
Can Size: 330ml
Gluten Free: Yes
Vegan: Yes
Calories Per Can: 96
Alcohol Base: Fruit Wine

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