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Citrus Flavour Hard Seltzer Mixed Taster Pack

Brand: Seltz Store

Format: Mixed Cans

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This handpicked and masterfully curated selection of light and zesty citrus flavoured Hard Seltzers is sure to satisfy. With a broad range of flavours and fruits making up this mixed flavour case you’re sure to find a favourite.

Our 12 pack contains the following cans*. Want to share with a mate? Then grab a 24 pack and we'll throw in the same again for double the fun.

  • LuvJus - Blood Orange, Pomegranate, Korean Ginseng
  • 58 Gin - Grapefruit Hard Seltzer
  • Two Brooks - Lime Cooler Hard Seltzer
  • Forrit - Peach, Lemon & Mint Hard Seltzer
  • Bodega Bay - Elderflower, Lemon & Mint Hard Seltzer
  • Ride Drinks - Persian Lime Hard Seltzer
  • Ride Drinks - Blood Orange Hard Seltzer
  • DRTY - White Citrus  Hard Seltzer
  • Three Fold - Citrus Hard Seltzer
  • Arrowtown - Lime & Elderflower Hard Seltzer
  • Berczy - Lemon & Lime Hard Seltzer
  • Mogul & Dram - Grapefruit Infused Whisky Soda

*In the unlikely event that we run out of a particular seltzer listed above then we reserve the right to swap it out for something else that we feel suitable. 

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Can Size: Mix

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