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Hard Seltzer Taster Box - Mixed Berry Flavour

Brand: Seltz Store

Format: Mixed Cans

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An ultimate mix of berry flavoured hard seltzers from loads of UK brands!

Hard seltzers are a perfectly blended mix of sparkling water, natural fruit flavourings and alcohol conveniently canned for easy drinking! They're perfect for taking on beach trips, to BBQs, pool parties, festivals and house parties. Keep a few in the fridge for an instant boozy refreshment after a long day at work or enjoy with friends on the weekend.  Great straight from the can, over ice or in cocktails nothing quite beats them.

Mix it up with our 'Berry Blast' hard seltzer mixed variety box. A fine, fruity selection of the best berry seltzers in all the land. Just about got every angle covered here with berries big and small. True summer fun in a box with hits of Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackcurrants and more. A box full of must-tries. Although they're not strictly berries we've chucked in some black cherry flavoured seltzers too!

Our 12 pack contains the following hard seltzer cans*. Want to share with a mate? Then grab a 24 pack and we'll throw in the same again for double the fun!

In this box you'll receive all the seltzers shown in the photograph. In the unlikely event that we run out of a particular seltzer shown then we reserve the right to swap it out for something else that we feel suitable. 

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Can Size: Mix

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